Massage Helps:
Charlie Give You Tools for Success

Our Massage therapists aren't just available to provide treatment and send you on your way, Charlie is here to help your understand how you can also help yourself. Proper education about why you've been prescribed a specific treatment, and lessons on how to continue it when you're out of the clinic puts much of your success in your own hands. Every treatment, no matter the complaint, requires effort on the part of my patients. When you arrive, your appointment will consist of a:

  • Discussion with the client
  • Subjective assessment
  • Likely start to treatment

From this point, I will work with you to help find movement patterns and compensation that we can improve, and along the way I may suggest an exercises that will assist you throughout the week at home on your own. If this proves difficult, you call me before your next appointment and I'll be happy to give you tips and pointers!

I’ll know it’s important to set a path, but it’s your energy that will carry you to the finish line.

Preventative and Focused Treatment

You can benefit at any time in your life—whether you're old or young, injured or looking to prevent injury.

Preventative treatment is a reason many athletes seek help. Through education, fitness programs, mobility and flexibility exercises, your chances of being injured during a game can be greatly decreased.

For each individual assessment, there is an individual fitness and recovery plan. No two patients are the same and our Charlie care about each case.

Focused treatment is determined by each individual assessment. Through a combination of therapies, Charlie Peebles is well-versed in assisting with recovery after athletic injuries, surgery, a simple tweaked hip, low back, neck pain or the stress of everyday activities.

Let us assist you on your road to recovery