Types of Massage Therapy

Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques

Myoskeletal Alignment is a respected multi-modality clinical pain management system designed to alleviate reflex muscle guarding caused by joint blockage. This is accomplished through restoration of proper neural, myofascial and skeletal function. The myoskeletal goal is to establish pain-free movement during the walking cycle.

Myoskeletal Mechanic

A myoskeletal body mechanic doesn’t just treat plantar fasciitis, bum knees, painful SI joints or functional scoliosis in isolation but searches for compensatory ‘kinks’ that initiate pain-spasm-pain cycles.

Fixing Kinetic Kinks

Myofascial and bony fixations along the kinetic chain soon manifest as strain or pain elsewhere.

Bone & Belly Work

Delve deeper into the body’s anti-gravity spring system to lift fallen arches, decompress adhesive hip capsules and stabilize misaligned pelvic bones.

Sacroiliac Syndromes

Pelvic girdle ligaments must stretch to provide shock absorption for the spine. But injury and overuse can "jar or jam" articulating joint surfaces creating reflex psoas, QL and piriformis myospasm.

Toning the Core and Pelvic Floor

Human gait must have fluid rotary motion through the body’s core. Thus, pelvic floor damage resulting from child birthing, hysterectomies, a hooked coccyx, or other problems, jeopardizes gait efficiency and core stability. These lengthening and toning routines help you restore firing order, relieve dural drag and fuel spinal engine efficiency.

Unlocking Lumbars

Special spinal unwinding, articular springing and deep myofascial balancing techniques gently unlock chronic facet capsule fixations while restoring proper spinal curves. Myoskeletal Therapy complements all types of bodywork with practical strategies to alleviate reflex muscle guarding and joint blockage.

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